Lawn Installs

Which type of lawn is best?


Sod is the most common. Sod can be rolled out for an immediately fresh look. Maintenence is small, as tight grass roots mean fewer weeds to pull. However, they are susceptible to disease and cost more than seeding.


A hand-seeded lawn is an easy DIY option for homeowners. The advantages to seeding is the lawn can be tailored for the specific climate, soil make-up, foot traffic, etc... The disadvantage is that these good conditions also attract weeds and other plants.


Hydroseeding is a fast option for seeding large areas of lawn quickly and inexpensively. You’ll need to hire a professional or rent a hydroseeder for this process.

Artificial turf.

Once installed, artificial turf needs no maintenance beyond keeping the surface free of leaves and other debris. No watering, no weeding, no mowing. Artificial turf is especially great in tiny spaces that may prove difficult to irrigate or mow, and on putting greens where a consistent surface is of benefit. Put it down once, and it will, through whatever weather, always be vivid, clean and soft.

The installation process

While the beginning stages of installing a lawn are similar for seed, hydroseed, sod, and artificial turf, each requires experienced know-how to put down properly. Call All Seasons Cleaning Services for a fresh lawn! 

Unrolling Sod for a New Lawn

Retaining Walls

Dealing with sloped sites can often propose some difficult design challenges. Retaining walls can create level areas for lawns and planting. Retaining walls have both decorative and practical purposes, as they help protect your yard from erosion. It is very important that retaining walls are properly installed by an experienced company as severe problems to your property may arise from an improperly installed retaining wall.

Walk Ways

The first step to a beautiful walkway is to choose your material -- one that complements your house and landscape design. We work with brick, gravel, cut stone, or flagstone, for example. Additionally, shape, texture, and design are important factors as well. These can be as simple or complex as you desire, and we'll see it done!



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