Moss Treatment

Moss does not usually catch the attention that it should from homeowners. Moss is a plant, and will grow into it's environment, whether siding, wood, plastic, or soft shingles and further down, the roof structure itself. It will also absorb and maintain moisture in those areas, and will not easily dry in the sun. This moisture, growth and breakage can cause severe structural compromise!

Moss Removal & Treatment

Many homeowners use a pressure washer to blast the moss off. While it is straightforward, this can cause even worse problems. Power washing will only wash off the top layer, the biggest pieces, but will leave behind trace spores of moss in cracks and crevices. Power washing is long, tedious, expensive, and highly dangerous (as many homeowners are not certified or trained, don't bother with support or safety, and are working dozens of feet above the ground on a wet, slippery surface). Additionally, power washing can, with the wrong technique, spray water deep up shingles and house siding, bringing moisture to the inside of the home, which can create more growth and instability in the future. Lastly, power washing damages shingles and other soft materials, so it would actually make it worse by weakening your already compromised roof.
The solution? We are experienced in moss removal and treatment services. When you call us to remove the moss from your roof, you can be rest assured the job will be done well and right the first time. After a quick rake of your roof, our team of experienced professionals will use a soft wash, eco-friendly chemical on your roof that eats away moss, even in the deepest cracks, and prevents future moss growth for years to come. It easily washes away without damaging shingles, siding, or roof structure.
Let the professionals handle this one!

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